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Our Toolroom specializes in medium to small precision tools as well as support machining for our fabrication shop. We have the capability to manufacture small batch productions too. Our equipment includes vertical mills, large and small lathes, precision grinders, and a CNC toolmill. Our experience is in manufacturing Ground Suppport Equipment for Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier aircrafts, and others. Also we are experienced in manufacturing Aero Turbine and Industrial Turbine Overhaul tooling for use on many types of turbine engines including GE, Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney, Allison, etc. but we have applied this experience to assist our many other customers in different industries. We conform to the ISO9002 Quality Standard and stand behind all our products and tools that we manufacture with strong integrity and pride.

We have a 4ft x 4 ft capacity waterjet machine to complement our machining needs, and to offer this new service to our customers. Its a Flow waterjet machine that utilizes 60,000psi pressure water (with or without abrasive) to cut through any material up to 7" thick!! Waterjet is a technology of the future with lots of potential to assist our machine shop's capabilities!! Give us a try!!

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